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Dear Friend,

For those of you that are new:  Imagine waking up one day only to realize that everything you worked all your life for was not owned by you. Furthermore, you find out unbeknown to you that everything you did was done under the name of a corporation. You investigate a little further and you find out that this corporation has tied you into multiple contractural obligations - and here you are paying in the corporation's name for this and this and this ... adnaseum, effectively bleeding away everything you make. Does this sound like a nightmare or does this sound like real life? Well that sound you hear is your wake up call.  I have information on this on the concept of the strawman which is your name in ALL CAPS which you find on your drivers licence and bank card.  You can get the gist of it here which will get you to first base: Copyright and Security Agreements.

Ok I got the basics, I have a Security Agreement and Copyright Notice Now What?

I gotta tell you... I've been to more patriot and freedom sites than I care to admit. I've read oodles of pages... wasted tons of time listening to numerous 3-4-5 hour calls ... and have been so frustrated and confused that I didn't know who or what to believe. I wanted to throw my hands into the air and tear my hair out. I don't know about you but I spent so much time chasing "gurus" and pies-in-the-sky, that I hate even looking back and thinking about it now.

It's easy to do, there is so many tunnels in the rabbit hole that you can really get twisted all around. So many things that sound easy and appear to be no-brainers but they are asking 1000's and 1000's of dollars to do who knows what. One site has been bragging for years that they have inside connections with the treasury and are very very close in striking the mother lode but nothing has happened in any positive sense which makes the exercise very suspect.  I'm not alone in thinking this either. Maybe you've even done the same things and then got hit by some Alphabet Soup Agency only to find out that there is nobody out there to help you. Those are real horror stories. The latest I heard was that the CRA [the IRS equivalent in Canada] was now going after pensioners who got substantial cash back by using various patriot strategies 10 or 15 years ago. Many are left high and dry are forced to sell their homes because they don't know have a clue on how to fight back and protect themselves. Don't let that be you. And if you have $ signs in your eyes, forget it this is not for you and likely to get you into serious trouble.

Who knows what other horror stories that are out there. I only tell you this not to scare you, but to tell you to take it slow and move forward on a sound foundation. I am of the philosophy that you don't want to be up the creek and be caught without a paddle. I am not suggesting that you do nothing and be frozen in fear. I am only saying that if you do do something, do the prior research yourself so that you are in a position to justify your every move.

Once I decided that there was no simple quick solution, I started seeing the world from a different angle. I started realizing that average people (the herd) simply chase "gurus" all the time and never stop to focus on creating what is real for themselves!

It's abundant - the freedom community is no exception to the general rule. Millions of people live their entire lives chasing magic solutions to all their problems only to be disappointed time and time again. It's sad really, but it's also very prevalent. The problem is we have all been conditioned. Everybody wants it now and everybody wants it for free and everyone wants someone else to do the work and ride on their coat tails. What ever happened to delayed gratification and quid pro quo [equal exchange for value].

It's no wonder most of us fail even in the pursuit for true freedom.  But should you shouldn't be surprized. We have been conditioned from birth to want instant gratification and rely on authorities or gurus to lead us by the nose. First its our parents, then our minister, our teacher, our rabbi and on and on it goes as we repeat the same pattern of not thinking for ourselves. And when we don't get the results promised people complain left and right about everything under the sun instead of taking responsibility for ourselves.

The day you put responsibilities on your own shoulders, stop blaming others and start building a real identity and life you own, that's the day the whole world changes. I've seen people change practically over night once they figured this out for themselves! You are responsible for all the good and bad things that happen to you.

And, it's not hard either. I mean, once you change your mind that only you are are responsible for you it is very simple. You truly then become the creator of your intentions and become the super human being you really are. You just have to have a little nudge in the right direction and what presented herein is intended to give you enough basic background so that you can determine you own path and be in a position to evaluate the so called gurus in this area.

You don't even need anything but an open mind.

  • "To be balanced," I would like to ask you, "can you have too many perspectives on reality"? Let me answer, "No you can't". I would like offer you a number of viewpoints so you can make your own determination of what is really true in this area of freedom and sovereignty in one convenient spot.
  • What if you listened to different Seasoned Pioneers who are now where you would wish to be? Well you can.
  • How would you like to be able to think like a lawyer and thereby avoid common pitfalls in dealing with statute law?
  • Learn basic concepts about Statue and Common law.
  • Learn the basic concepts of Admiralty Law not by listening to the gurus but by going to the source of the information
  • Master the basics and You Can Be as a Gentle as a Dove and as Sly as a Fox antagonizing no one.

Someone once said, "Law is nothing but the skillful use of language". With the examples I and my associate have selected from the net, it is our wish that you can adopt a mindset and methodology that will allow you freedom in an increasingly controlled world of commerce.

Be Empowered

I'm quite certain, that if the people showcased on this site can walk about totally fearless and independent then you can too. Now it is true they have paid a price for what they know. Most if not all, have been willing to park their butt behind bars in order to stand behind the power of their convictions. Inside, you can leverage their experience with butt in chair through a selective number of informative videos.

How Powerful Is That?

You get to log in and watch these recorded sessions yourself - some are videos and some are simply audios with occasional background documentation.

You are surely in for a treat!

Here's what you get inside:

  • Recordings of live seminars to reference over and over again
  • How to think about the Commerce Game.
  • Nothing is being sold here - this is strictly an information site for your spiritual edification and research!

These selected recordings are of people who are willing to give back and show you everything you need to know in order to have an unconditioned mind. Plus, it's motivational too. Just experiencing the power and confidence of someone who is enlightened and walks the walk with no fear is so so powerful and it rubs off. Sometimes you need to plug in and get your blood pumping and your attitude jazzed if you want to make a difference in your life and for those loved ones coming right behind us. This is why we do what we do.

With your computer attend these recorded sessions and see for yourself just how empowering they are. If you're serious about change for the better then you should jump on board and see for yourself! The cost is minimal it covers my operating expenses and you can quit any time or ask for a refund.

A Lot more to Offer

Everyone is different and people relate better to some mentors more than others. Therefore inside the site you have the opportunity to listen to a variety of trainers and download background documentation that substantiate what is being said. Facts are facts and hearsay is someone else's opinion that may or may not be true. In this site I want to give you the opportunity to hear different ways of saying effectively the same thing and cross substantiate the facts as best one can.

Learning how to be truly free is a way of mind and it is all about following a proven system and sticking to it. That's it. Gather the evidence, learn from other peoples experience and test the waters and document document and document. If you can do that, the sky is the limit and there's no telling how far you can go with it.

Not only do you want to listen to people in the freedom movement who are volunteering their time to educate you, but you also want to work on your belief systems and gather evidence to reinforce it. One aspect of this is a basic understanding of what natural law, common-law, statute law and what admiralty law is. Understanding that you obviously will want to be open to more equitable solutions.

This is not a quick fix however - the proven system is rather a state of mind. Listening to different vantage points will reinforce the commonality of it all. Integration is something you must do yourself for yourself. Like driving a car, you can either hire someone to drive it for you and be totally dependent or you learn to pilot it yourself.  Learning to navigate as a human being in the world of commerce is an art form and not a blind prescription to be followed. It is not something you want to rush into blindly; here as in the fable its "the tortoise wins the race". The real winner here is not you as you only set the example for those that follow. The real winner is the human race and that includes you, me - all of us.

Solidify Your Foundational Beliefs!

Well, that's the best part of it all.

If you have done the copyright name Public Notice and the Security Agreement then you already have a good start. You have taken actions that are in alignment with your belief that you are a free man or woman and you have backed this up with documentation and credible witnesses. Furthermore you have given others the opportunity to contest your assertions. The power of the common law copyright public notice notice is that if it stands uncontested having given third parties the opportunity to contest it, then you can reasonably assume that your stated beliefs are true and spring forth from those assertions.

Now lets understand fundamentally in law what we have done. Just because you started a process doesn't mean you will ever move forward from this point!

I'm serious. We can either be victims of our conditioning or we can understand truly who we are. Because of our conditioning we afraid to move, afraid to make mistakes, and always want to do the right thing. We strive for perfection and because of the fear of not doing it right and not having all the pieces in place we do - you guessed it - nothing! And in the process we are effectively dis-empowered. Power is the exercise of bodies in motion. What we fail to realize is that there is no such thing as perfection, the right way, the right words, the right forms, the right process. You will never find it. So get over it. Just think of it for a moment we are dealing with fictions here - a fiction can be anything you want to be and because a fiction is something we make up it could be something today and something else tomorrow.

Think back to when you learned to ride a bicycle. You only learn by doing and by doing you are empowered. Freedom, true freedom is not something you can take for granted, it took many years of operative conditioning to make you who you are today and it is foolish to believe that you can undo that overnight. What you can do is learn about what the system is, how it works, how its operatives think and in so doing understand this is just a game - a fiction.

Take action and jump aboard before the opportunity here is gone. Don't be one of the people kicking yourself for missing out. I am going to open this up to a limited number to see how it goes - so if you are here - you are here at the right time.

Start Developing Your Independence , Right Here
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P.S.: I set this up so it will encourage people to encourage others to join -  the cost to join this membership site is minimal  $10/month - this to cover hosting and support services and time required to load this site with resources. I intend to increase this to $15 once this gets traction so that we can throw more resources to it. The way this is set up if two others to this membership you will have your money back. Not only will that minimize your costs but it is an incentive to get more exposed to this information. There also is the opportunity to get a referrals for people who get a copyright public notice and security agreement. Details inside.

P.S.S.: We will keep tabs with what is happening in the international community and keep you informed. As the author of "The Tale of Two Cities" [I believe] once said, "We live in the Best of Times and the Worst of Times". Its exciting, that's for sure!